Harder to borrow from the library than it is to vote

I went to our local library in Lake Forest this week and something very interesting happened. I guess I hadn’t been there for a little while, and my library card expired. To renew, I had to present a photo ID. I inquired further and they require that I renew library privileges every three years. And each time I renew, I am required to show them a photo ID, provide my email address, phone number, etc.

I knew why they require these updates frequently, but I decided to ask anyway. The friendly librarian simply responded that people move a lot, change from land line to cellphone service, etc. In essence, people move and/or change their contact information frequently.

One of the big arguments with requiring a driver’s license to vote is that it “disenfranchises” minorities.  I guess that the argument is that minorities would rather skip voting than be asked to produce identification and feel discriminated when asked to produce an ID when voting. Personally, I think voting is MUCH more important than public library privileges, especially with today’s Kindle and iPad – even our public school has a library for kid’s to borrow books.

Please don’t get me wrong – I think learning is crucial to our society and more people need to visit the library and read.

But freedom and liberty trumps the library. If you want to learn, the lack of having a library isn’t going to stop you.

Maybe someone should tell the library that they are discriminating against minorities when they require a photo ID every 3 years – just to borrow a book.

Or maybe we should require a photo ID each time we vote.