I really care about our great city and need your support to accomplish my agenda. With your help, I hope to be elected on November 4 as Lake Forest’s next City Council Member and have formulated a list of core issues that are important to residents here in town:

  1. Reduce Burdensome Regulations – I am a free market capitalist and believe reducing over-reaching regulation brings lower prices, better service and more competition that benefit both residents and businesses:
    1. I would help increase cellphone coverage which is limited due to our strict municipal code. We need to use common sense similar to our neighboring cities to allow more concealed cellphone antennas which will help increase reception.
    2. Similar strict municipal codes restrain competition in internet and cable providers. We again need more freedom to foster competition that will lower rates.
  2. Reduce Crime – Lake Forest has been recognized as one of America’s safest cities in the past, but we can do better:
    1. One example: I want to foster more communication by implementing policies to facilitate crime reporting to residents via Lake Forest’s home owners associations. This can help prepare residents and businesses to change their behavior due to to existing crime occurring in our city so that future crime decreases.
  3. Enhance Traffic Flow – I want to improve traffic flow in our community by implementing the following initiatives:
    1. Improving intersections (right turn pockets, dedicated left signals, etc.)
    2. Synchronizing traffic lights both within town and with our neighboring cities
    3. Expanding and improving roads and building new ones